Thursday, June 16, 2011

Forever And A Day - The Making | Behind-the-Scenes Video Footage

Forever And A Day has premiered in more than 100 theaters nationwide, yesterday. If you have not seen the movie yet, it would be a good idea to watch this video which shows the making of the much-anticipated movie.

(L-R) "Forever and a Day" director Cathy Garcia-Molina, KC Concepcion and Sam Concepcion | Photo courtesy of Star Cinema

On the 7-minute video, lead stars KC Concepcion and Sam Milby as well as the film's director Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina talk about the movie, digging deeper about the story of Eugene (Sam) and Raffy (KC) - the main characters of the movie. The clip also shows behind-the-scenes footage.

Check out "Forever and a Day - The Making" video courtesy of "ABSstarcinema" of Youtube below:

Forever And A Day - The Making | Behind-the-Scenes Video Footage

Meanwhile here's the plot of "Forever and a Day" as posted on its official website:

Eugene (Sam Milby) arrives in Bukidnon with only one intention: to forget his problems at work. But when he meets Raffy (KC Concepcion) and as they travel and go on ridiculous and death-defying activities together, they start to form a friendship that goes beyond Euge’s original plan. Raffy helps Euge appreciate himself more and to look at things in a positive way. With Raffy, Euge begins to believe in himself again. Soon, against his own expectations, he admits to himself that has fallen in love with this girl.

But life is truly ironic. The moment Euge expresses his feelings for her, Raffy suddenly starts to push him away. She admits that he can never have her, and she doesn’t want Eugene to hope for a happy ending with her, because she cannot be loved.

Now, it is Euge’s turn to make Raffy believe in love again, just as how she reminded him to believe in himself. But is faith enough to change the course of their destiny? And is his love strong enough for him to sacrifice everything for a relationship that will not last, and for a girl who will leave him soon?

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